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Tuesday February 20th 2018



Posts Tagged ‘sexual assault’

American Apparel describes multiple sexual harassment and assault accusations against former CEO Dov Charney

American Apparel submitted a declaration in court last month that accuses former CEO Dov Charney of sexually harassing and assaulting multiple company employees and models and describes these accusations in graphic detail. This declaration, which [...]

Elixir Lounge and Night Club manager ordered to pay sexual harassment victim

A former waitress at Elixir Lounge and Night Club in Hess Village, Canada was awarded $300,000 in a civil lawsuit after having been sexually assaulted by the night club manager, Denis Vranich. Vranich was previously sentenced to 12 months of [...]

Nitro city employee alleges sexual harassment

Sandra Saunders, the building inspector of West Virginia's City of Nitro, has filed a formal complaint after she was allegedly subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Saunders claims that she was sexually harassed by an unnamed male [...]