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Monday February 19th 2018



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2 Responses to “Rate My Boss”

  1. kawantha says:

    ORR Safety in Kansas City Missouri has the WORST group of employees I have ever seen. They are sloppy, they dress badly, they act like they are presidential advisors instead of customer service flunkies, and they bring in no revenue of their own but cost the company over $100,000 per year in salaries. The two worst offenders have the mistaken belief that they are headed up the corporate ladder. Look around you dumb bimbo’s everyone at the head is MALE so unless your getting a sex change soon, you two idiots have already reached as high as you will EVER go in that company. Which in reality you should be cleaning toilets because that’s about the intelligence level you both have together!!!!

  2. C4C says:

    The court found the following regarding ERIC RAPS of Department of Labor: ” the mean-spirited behavior of Raps that was, to be blunt, indefensible and subjected Schmidt, an obviously sick woman, to much unnecessary anxiety, concern, and additional suffering.” See Schmidt v Solis

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