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Wednesday February 21st 2018



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One woman’s legal fight against workplace bullying

One woman’s legal fight against workplace bullying

By Lorna Stremcha My book is now in the hands of editors and I’m hoping it will be on bookshelves soon. It describes what happens when bureaucratic bullies try to cover up, intimidate and harass a tenured school teacher. Following is an edited [...]

Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office detective claims bad boss subjected her to workplace bullying

Lynn Wehling, a detective at the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, filed a notice of claim for damages in February after allegedly being subjected to sexual harassment and workplace bullying by her boss. Wehling claims that she was [...]

A workplace bullying story

The following story was sent to eBossWatch via our Facebook page: I am sending my workplace bullying story. I could write a book on this topic after the perfectly stereotypical workplace bullying experience I endured, from the 'divide & [...]

Report criticizes BBC workplace bullying after suicide of journalist

An inquiry has criticized how the BBC handled the sexual harassment and workplace bullying complaints of former BBC radio reporter Russell Joslin. Joslin's suicide in October 2012 prompted the months-long inquiry led by a former BBC HR [...]

Employee accuses Richmond Assistant City Manager of workplace bullying

Richmond Assistant City Manager Leslie Knight has been accused of workplace bullying by a number of her employees. One employee, Stacie Plummer, claims that Knight subjected her to a hostile work environment in retaliation for having blown the [...]

New research: workplace bullying affects men and women differently

A new workplace bullying research study conducted by Edith Cowan University and the University of New England found that workplace bullying affects men and women differently. Women who found themselves working in a hostile work environment [...]

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