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Monday February 19th 2018



‘racial harassment’ Archives

Bad boss costs A.C. Widenhouse $243,000 in EEOC racial harassment and retaliation lawsuit

A bad boss at North Carolina trucking company A.C. Widenhouse has cost the company over $243,000 in a racial harassment and retaliation lawsuit. A federal court awarded the $243,000 to Contonius Gill and Robert Floyd, Jr., two African-American truck [...]

Jury: A.C. Widenhouse to pay $200,000 in racial harassment lawsuit

A federal jury in North Carolina has awarded two former A.C. Widenhouse employees $200,000. The employees, Contonius Gill and Robert Floyd, Jr., claim that they were subjected to a racially hostile work environment that included harassment and [...]

MBM Corp. hostile work environment lawsuit

MBM Corp., one of the country's largest restaurant food service distributors, denies creating a hostile work environment for the African-American employees at its Mason City, Iowa facility. The EEOC filed a racial harassment lawsuit against MBM [...]

Emmert International racial harassment lawsuit

Emmert International has agreed to pay $180,000 to settle an EEOC racial harassment lawsuit. The EEOC claims that an Emmert International foreman and other employees subjected two employees, Jonathan Redmon and John Brainich, to a racially [...]

Elgin Police Department hostile work environment lawsuit

Phillipp Brown, a police officer at the Elgin Police Department, filed a racial harassment lawsuit against the city of Elgin and police officers Sean Rafferty and James Barnes. Brown, who is African-American, claims that his supervisor, Sean [...]

Shack-Findlay Automotive hostile work environment lawsuit

In January, Shack-Findlay Automotive, LLC, doing business as Findlay Honda and Findlay Automotive Group, Inc., a car dealership in Henderson, Nevada, agreed to pay $150,000 to two African-American employees to settle a hostile work environment, [...]

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