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Saturday December 16th 2017



‘harassment’ Archives

Kintetsu International Express to pay $77,500 to settle hostile work environment and retaliation lawsuit

Kintetsu International Express, a leading travel agency, has agreed to pay $77,500 to settle an EEOC disability discrimination and hostile work environment lawsuit. The EEOC had claimed that an employee at Kintetsu's Maui, Hawaii office was [...]

100,000 employment discrimination and harassment complaints filed with the EEOC in 2012

In 2012 the EEOC received 99,412 private sector workplace discrimination and/or harassment complaints.  This is slightly less than in 2011, when the EEOC received 99,947 discrimination and/or harassment complaints. The most frequently filed [...]

Energy Northwest discrimination lawsuit

Susan Howell, a former security guard at the Energy Northwest nuclear power plant in Richland, Washington, has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against Energy Northwest. Howell claims that she was discriminated against because she is a woman [...]

Tehachapi Police Department hostile work environment claims

Police officers Rick Disney and Peter Graff have filed claims against the city of Tehachapi for allegedly being subjected to "emotional distress and mental suffering due to (a) hostile work environment" and "loss of pay." The claims, which could [...]

Oasis One Dry Cleaners sexual harassment lawsuit

Frank A. Mora, of Oasis One Dry Cleaners, a dry cleaning and laundry service based in McAllen, Texas, agreed in June to pay $43,000 to a former female employee to settle an EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit. Mora was accused of subjecting the [...]

DiMare Ruskin sexual harassment lawsuit

DiMare Ruskin, Inc., a Florida-based tomato grower and produce provider that was sued for sexual harassment and retaliation by the EEOC, agreed in July to pay $150,000 to two female farmworkers who were allegedly sexually harassed by DiMare Ruskin [...]

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