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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Archive for July, 2015

Lion-hunting dentist Walter Palmer accused of sexually harassing former employee

Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer, who is being widely criticized in the news media and on social media platforms for killing a famed lion named Cecil during a recent hunting trip in Zimbabwe, was accused of sexual harassment in 2005 by a female [...]

American Apparel describes multiple sexual harassment and assault accusations against former CEO Dov Charney

American Apparel submitted a declaration in court last month that accuses former CEO Dov Charney of sexually harassing and assaulting multiple company employees and models and describes these accusations in graphic detail. This declaration, which [...]

Jury awards woman $18 million in New York Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey sexual harassment lawsuit

A federal jury has awarded a 25-year-old Swedish woman $18 million for allegedly being sexually harassed by her boss, New York Global Group CEO Benjamin Wey.  The jury in federal court in Manhattan awarded Hanna Bouveng $2 million in compensatory [...]