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Monday February 19th 2018



The 5 most shocking racist and anti-semitic allegations in the Revlon CEO discrimination lawsuit

Alan Meyers, the former Chief Scientific Officer of Revlon, filed a race discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against Revlon earlier this week.

Meyers, who is Jewish, claims that Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani discriminated against him for being Jewish. Delpani allegedly bullied and publicly berated Meyers in front of other Revlon executives.

Meyers also alleges that Delpani fired him in retaliation for raising safety concerns related to Revlon’s 2013 acquisition of a Spanish beauty care company.

Here are some of the most shocking allegations that Meyers made in his racial harassment lawsuit complaint:

  1. Delpani, who is Italian, allegedly said he hates living among Americans, that Americans are “small-minded” and “dirty,” and that he can’t wait to return to a “real” country.
  2. Delpani allegedly went on an “anti-American tirade” and said that the US is starting to act more like ISIS.
  3. Delpani allegdly made an anti-black racist comment after a meeting in South Africa¬†and said that he “could smell a black person when he entered a room.”
  4. Deplani allegedly said that he was suprised that there weren’t very many Jewish executives at Revlon because “Jews stick together.” Delpani also allegedly mentioned that Revlon’s controlling shareholder, Ronald Perelman, is Jewish.
  5. Delpani allegedly treated Meyers differently than the other members of his executive team because Meyers is Jewish. Most of Delpani’s other team members are Italian or Spanish.

Meyers claims that he was fired last month after he complained about the abovementioned safety issues. Revlon has denied Meyers’ allegations and said that he was fired becuase he did not perform according to company standards.