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Wednesday January 17th 2018



Employee sues Dollar General for race discrimination

Takeela Mitchell, who began working at the Dollar General No. 720 in Luverne, Alabama in October 2011, filed a race discrimination lawsuit against Dollar General on October 31, 2014.

Mitchell claims she was the only African-American employee at the Luverne Dollar General office. According to Mitchell, despite being qualified for a promotion, she learned that her boss, April Owens, sent an email to the Dollar General district manager explaining that Mitchell was “not manager material.”

Mitchell alleges that her coworkers told her that Owens made racially inappropriate comments about Mitchell behind her back. According to the complaint, “The comments were so embarrassing that other white employees would not reveal to [Mitchell] the specific comments, but informed [Mitchell] that she would have a case for racial discrimination.”

In October 2013, Mitchell claims that Owens reduced her hours from 30 hours per week to 16 hours per week and that Owens refused to explain why she reduced Mitchell’s hours.

Mitchell believes that Owens is trying to find a reason or pretext to fire her. Mitchell also claims that she is watched and scrutinized more closely than her white coworkers.

Mitchell alleges that she has suffered severe mental anguish as a result of the alleged race discrimination that has been practiced against her at Dollar General.

Employee sues Dollar General for race discrimination
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