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Friday January 19th 2018



FedEx terminal manager Anthony Renallo accused of sexual harassment

On January 21, 2014, a former female employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Blue Eagle Transport, a company based in Westport, Ct, and FedEx Home Delivery, based in Stratford, CT.

The former employee claims that Anthony Renallo, the senior manager of the FedEx terminal, began making sexual comments towards her.  According to the complaint, “The comments included ‘I want to eat your pussy’ and that he ‘wanted’ the Plaintiff and offered her money to be with him.”

The employee claims that she “responded to Renallo’s advances by saying ‘no,’ ‘stop’ and ‘leave me along’ and that she did not want a sexual relationship with him.”

The employee alleges that she “confronted Renallo about his advances…and Renallo stated that he could do whatever he wanted with her because he was not technically her boss due to the contracted services.”  She claims that when she tried to stay away from Renallo, “he would threaten her job if she didn’t speak to him.”

According to the complaint:

Renallo spread lies about Plaintiff to other employees of the Defendant.

In or around September 2012, Plaintiff was harassed by drivers of the Defendant, Blue Eagle, stating that they would like to “feel” her and sleep with her and that they “would go real slow” and that they would “give her a vibrator and watch her use it.”

Another driver at FedEx Home Delivery spanked Plaintiff on her behind.

Plaintiff asked the drivers to stop harassing her and making sexual advances towards her.

IN or around September 2012, Plaintiff’s supervisor, Ish, began to make sexual comments towards her as well, including the fact that he “loved seeing me in jeans” and “would have no problem getting it in the hole.”

In November or December of 2012, Plaintiff complained to Renallo and Chris about the aforementioned treatment, but they did nothing in response to improve the situation.

In fact, Renallo told Plaintiff that one of the managers Chris wants to have sex with her.

After making the complaints, Plaintiff was given a very difficult route, which caused complainant anxiety.

Plaintiff also complained to her boss, Jack, about the sexual harassment and adverse treatment.

On December 24, 2012, Plaintiff’s boss, Jack, fired her for speaking up to him about the adverse treatment.  Planitiff was rehired by Jack after Jack spoke with Ish and said it was a mistake.

At the time of rehire, however, Plantiff’s hours were reduced by the Defendant to part-time, and her wages were thereby reduced to approximately $200-$300 per week.

Following her rehire, Plaintiff requested to work for a different contractor, but the manager, Chris, told the contractor not to hire her because she was a “pretty woman with big breasts.”

On or about January 2013, Plaintiff told the Defendant she was going to take legal action for her adverse treatment.

Following Plaintiff seeking an attorney, the Defendant hired two more seasonal female employees.

On or about March 12, 2013, Plaintiff requested a leave of absence, which was approved by Ish and Jack.

On or about March 27, 2013, Plaintiff contacted the Defendant to return to work.  Defendant refused to allow Plaintiff to return to work.  Defendant claimed that the Plaintiff had quit.

Plaintiff did not quit her employment with the Defendant.

On or about March 27, 2013, Plaintiff was terminated.

FedEx terminal manager Anthony Renallo accused of sexual harassment
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