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Thursday March 30th 2017



TDJ Oilfield Services sued for employment discrimination

An employment discrimination lawsuit has been filed against TDJ Oilfield Services LLC.

The discrimination lawsuit (5:2013cv02329) was filed by Jeffery Canterbury in Louisiana Western District Court. The presiding judge is Elizabeth E. Foote.

Canterbury is being represented by attorney Glenn Charles McGovern.

TDJ Oilfield Services, based in Haughton, Louisiana, is a provider of services to oilfield companies.

TDJ Oilfield Services employment discrimination lawsuit

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TDJ Oilfield Services sued for employment discrimination
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  1. Jessica says:

    When going through interview. The interviewer told me, ” when hiring women the process is strenuous.” Also he mentioned, I have to sign paperwork for as sexual harassment forms I’m guessing. Honestly nothing new pretty much every company follow these procedures. As the interview proceeds I notice he’s not going to give me an opportunity because of my gender. After about 3 months of waiting never received a response.They could have informed me simply by saying yes or no. Tried calling every single day but always an excuse. When I witnessed this I realize it’s not about my qualifications or presence. It pointed more at my gender. I was highly qualified for the position. With clean background, well educated in this particular field, and extremely humbled.

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