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Wednesday February 21st 2018



Sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Camp Pendleton Navy employee

A female Navy Facilities Operations Specialist based in Camp Pendleton, California, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Secretary of the Navy Raymond Mabus.

Cathy Alatorre claims that she was subjected to a sexually hostile work environment by her boss, Deputy Facilities Maintenance Officer Jay Bergamini.

According to the complaint, filed in California Southern District Court on July 22, 2013, when Alatorre arrived at Camp Pendleton to sign her employment paperwork, Bergamini tried to kiss her. Later that day, he allegedly hugged her and grabbed her buttocks.

Alatorre claims that she sent Bergamini an email telling him that his actions were unwelcome and inappropriate.

On Alatorre’s first day of work, on September 14, 2009, Bergamini again allegedly hugged and tried to kiss her.

Camp Pendleton sexual harassment lawsuit

According to the complaint, “Throughout the remainder of 2009, Mr. Bergamini continued to harass Ms. Alatorre by engaging in ‘stalking’ behavior which included: visiting her work area frequently and directing her to regularly report to him; constantly commenting about her physical appearance; staring at her; and repeatedly asking her to go out socially with him.”

During 2009 through 2011, Alatorre alleges that several civilian employees at Camp Pendleton who worked with or for Bergamini “assisted him in his efforts to pursue a sexual relationship with Ms. Alatorre. These employees (including Ernest Grant – Facilities Operations Specialist, Lori Longridge – Facilities Operations Specialist, Ray Hill, her direct supervisor and Rick Monroe, Shop Supervisor) continually engaged in misconduct which included: asking Ms.
Alatorre if there was ‘something going on’ between her and Mr. Bergamini; telling her ‘not to hurt Mr. Bergamini’; informing her that Mr. Bergamini ‘…likes you, he likes looking at you, talking to you, and he’s the DFMO’; ‘he can do what he wants’; and asking her if she thought Mr. Bergamini was ‘handsome.’

Jeff Hunt, Alatorre’s second line supervisor and Marcus Engstrom, Supervisor FMD Utilities Section, also allegedly “indirectly assisted Mr. Bergamini by not taking Ms. Alatorre’s reports of harassment seriously and/or by failing to investigate same.”

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