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Friday January 19th 2018



Sex discrimination jury award costs Exel logistics company $500,000

An Atlanta jury awarded a female Exel Inc. employee $500,000 after it found that the Ohio-based supply chain logistics company subjected the employee to sex discrimination by failing to promote her to a supervisory position.

Contrice Travis claimed that even though she was recognized as the most knowledgeable employee in inventory control, she was denied promotion to the inventory supervisor position when her boss left the company because she is a woman.

Travis’ former boss testified at the trial that he recommended her for the position but Exel’s general manager told him that he would never put a woman in that position.

The employee selected for the inventory supervisor position testified that he was told by management and a human resources employee that he would be selected for the position only if he kept it a secret. He also testified that Travis had to train him because he had no inventory experience and was therefore less qualified for the position than Travis.

EEOC attorney David Lopez said, “This verdict is a blow against sex discrimination and reaffirms that women should be allowed the full opportunity to advance in an organization based on merit.”

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Sex discrimination jury award costs Exel logistics company $500,000
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