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Monday January 22nd 2018



Milwaukee County employee claims bad boss sexually harassed her

A high-ranking administrator at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex was accused of being a bad boss who sexually harassed one of his employees during a seven year period.

The employee, who is currently on medical leave because of the alleged sexual harassment, filed a complaint alleging that her boss made multiple unwanted sexual advances toward her.

The woman allegedly gave in to her boss’s sexual advances because she believed that she would be fired if she did not comply with his advances.

She claims that at times her boss would offer her money in exchange for sex. In November 2012 the employee recorded conversations with her boss in which he made sexual comments and she filed a complaint with the Milwaukee County Human Resources Department and the Milwaukee Police Department.

The boss retired shortly after the employee’s complaint was filed. The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office investigated her allegations but did not find sufficient evidence to file a criminal charge against the administrator. The state is currently reviewing her complaint.

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Milwaukee County employee claims bad boss sexually harassed her
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