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Thursday March 30th 2017



Lane President Wesley McClure accused of sexual harassment and retaliation

Maurice Bailey, the former athletic director of Tennessee-based Lane College, has filed a retaliation lawsuit against the college. According to Bailey, he was fired in June 2012 in retaliation after his wife, Dr. Lora Bailey, filed a claim with the EEOC accusing Lane College President Wesley McClure of sexual harassment.

According to the complaint, Maurice Bailey filed a retaliation charge with the EEOC and received a notice of right to sue. Lora Bailey reported McClure as she was the vice president of academic affairs and a professor of education.

Bailey claims that McClure repeatedly “made advances of a personal nature” toward her by asking her several times to join him for drinks after work.

Lane College President Wesley McClure sexual harassment lawsuit

After rejecting his alleged advances, Bailey claims that McClure turned into a bad boss who created a hostile work environment for her. Bailey accused McClure of “publicly criticizing and reprimanding her in front of co-workers and screaming at Dr. Bailey also in front of her co-workers.”

According to the complaint, Bailey was not the first woman that McClure sexually harassed. McClure was allegedly “known to make sexually inappropriate advances towards female subordinates, at least four of whom had filed complaints.”

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Lane President Wesley McClure accused of sexual harassment and retaliation
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8 Responses to “Lane President Wesley McClure accused of sexual harassment and retaliation”

  1. Denise says:

    She’s not the only one I think we all been sexually harassed by him finally it took a worker to stand up

  2. Bill Washington says:

    Dr. Vicki Lott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bill Washington says:


  4. Bill Washington says:

    What goes on in the dark

  5. Bill Washington says:

    He seemed to like women and men!!

  6. Bill Washington says:

    He is the president and that is the culture on campus.

  7. Bill Washington says:

    When I went to Lane, I learned the darkside of things. I learned how to fine tune my darkside. I learned how to sell drugs and pimp our women. I’m just being honest. Allot of freaky stuff was taking place and we were all pretty f’d up if you ask me. The teachers were sleeping with everyone they could and visa versa. Nothing to be proud of. Would never send mine anywhere near McClure, but if you like to kiss a.s? Then you can move up at Lane. Makes me wonder about other HBCU’$. and their value as choice at all.

  8. Bill Washington says:

    as a choice?

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