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Monday January 22nd 2018



Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Network Imaging Solutions boss

Tammy Fairchild, a former employee at Network Imaging Solutions, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company and her former boss, Deandre Leatherwood.

Fairchild claims that Leatherwood told her, when she reported to him as a temporary employee at Network Imaging Solutions in 2011, that he could help her get hired for a permanent position at the company if she “cooperated and accepted his guidance.”

According to Fairchild, Leatherwood made sexual advances toward her and she initially rejected his sexual advances. As a result, Fairchild alleges that she was passed over for a permanent position.

Fairchild claims that she agreed to have sex with Leatherwood because she feared she would miss out on other permanent positions should them become available.

Several days after having sex with Leatherwood, Fairchild allegedly received a permanent position with Network Imaging Solutions.

When Leatherwood allegedly continued to make sexual advances toward Fairchild, she rejected his advances, and he allegedly began complaining about her performance on the job. She was fired in April 2012.

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Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Network Imaging Solutions boss
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