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Sunday February 18th 2018



RJB Properties janitorial company to pay $360,000 to settle EEOC discrimination lawsuit

An Illinois-based janitorial services company has agreed to pay $360,000 and provide other non-monetary relief to settle an EEOC discrimination lawsuit.

According to the EEOC, RJB Properties, Inc. subjected a group of Hispanic janitors to a hostile work environment because of their national origin.

The EEOC claims that the Hispanic janitors were subjected to ethnic slurs and were required to perform more difficult tasks than their non-Hispanic coworkers.

RJB Properties also allegedly fired two black supervisors in retaliation after they refused to carry out a company vice president’s orders to fire Hispanic employees.

One of the two black supervisors claims that his female boss made subjected him to sexual harassment and that he was then fired in retaliation for rejecting his boss’s sexual advances.

EEOC district director John Rowe said, “Firing Hispanic workers because of their national origin clearly violates Title VII. Title VII also makes it illegal to retaliate against employees who oppose discrimination. Firing supervisors, like EEOC alleged RJB did in this case, because they stood up and refused to go along with their company’s discriminatory orders is illegal retaliation. Combating retaliation has long been a high priority for us.”

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