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Sunday April 23rd 2017



Retaliation complaint filed against Linden School District Superintendent

Linden Elementary Principal Sharon Womble has filed a retaliation complaint against Linden Unified School District Superintendent Michael Gonzales.

The complaint, which was filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleges that Womble was denied a promotion and that her contract was not renewed because she reported a sexual harassment complaint to the district’s HR department in September 2011.

One of Womble’s teachers had accused Gonzales of sexually harassing her by sending her inappropriate text messages and making unwanted sexual advances towards her.

If the school district does not reach a settlement with Womble, she will probably file a wrongful termination lawsuit against the district.

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Retaliation complaint filed against Linden School District Superintendent
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One Response to “Retaliation complaint filed against Linden School District Superintendent”

  1. HeHadItComing says:

    The good Dr. Gonzales is only a product of his successful sexual advances that took place at Empire Union School District. He had an affairs with several District Office employees and management. Of course, he still had time to assist his young fellow classmates while he attended some on going education classes. His office at the Empire District Office was called the “Love Shack”. His legendary one-on-one marathon meetings with women behind locked doors could go on for hours. The only thing missing was the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. This narcissistic, shovenist, egocentric, elitist is now reaping everything he sowed. He sincerely believes EVERY woman he comes in contact with wants him. Word to the wise for the next District in which he seeks employment. Shut the door and lock it.

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