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Sunday January 21st 2018



Prostitute claims discrimination in being banned from LinkedIn

A Nevada prostitute whose LinkedIn account was recently banned and taken offline claims the ban is discriminatory.

Madison Graham, a legal sex worker at a brothel called The Love Ranch in Carson City, was surprised to discover that her LinkedIn profile had been shut down.

Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada.

LinkedIn, in an update to its user agreement last week, declared that prostitutes, even legal ones, are not welcome on their business networking site.

Madison Graham sex worker banned from LinkedIn

Madison Graham

Graham’s boss, Dennis Hof, the owner of The Love Ranch, also discovered that his LinkedIn profile had been recently deleted.

Graham told The Daily Dot, “I have a federal background check. I have medical tests every week. I have a license from the county I’m in. I’m fully legal. I pay taxes on my money, so don’t question the morality of Nevada. They’re not the moral police. I’m a legal business, and I should be treated with the same respect as any other legal business.”

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Prostitute claims discrimination in being banned from LinkedIn
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