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Monday January 22nd 2018



Olympia parks manager resigns after sexual harassment allegations

Rhonda Teitzel resigned her position as the operations director of the City of Olympia Parks operations director after an anonymous letter with sexual harassment and discrimination allegations was sent to the city’s associate HR director.

The HR director received the letter on March 18, began investigating the allegations, and placed Teitzel on leave on March 21. Teitzel resigned the following day.

Teitzel denies most of the allegations in the letter, but admitted to having a sexual encounter with Dan Daniels, the head of Olympia’s garbage and recycling collection, in his office three years ago. Daniels was placed on paid leave from March 25-29.

City of Olympia Parks director resignation

The letter included allegations of “misconduct, sexual harassment and discrimination that is happening within the Parks Maintenance Department… There are several employees currently employed and past that have endured mistreatment, harassment and blatant discrimination.”

A male employee claims that he was subjected to harassment and discrimination by Teitzel and two other city parks employees because he is gay.

Teitzel was also accused of talking about confidential employee information and personal relationships as well as treating some employees favorably and letting them get away with improper conduct.

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Olympia parks manager resigns after sexual harassment allegations
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