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Friday January 19th 2018



Employee gender discrimination lawsuit filed against FDNY

A female New York Fire Department employee filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the city in March 2013.

Eileen Dechbery claims that she was discriminated against by her supervisor and coworkers at Station 23 on Staten Island because she is a woman.

Dechbery was allegedly subjected to different requirements than her male coworkers in a CPR re-certification test. According to Dechbery, the CPR certification tests usually take around 20 minutes, but she was required to do CPR on a metal-plated CPR dummy for four hours over the course of four days. She ultimately failed the CPR test and suffered severe tendinitis from the hours of CPR.

Dechbery claims that none of her male coworkers were required to use the metal-plated dummy.

FDNY gender discrimination lawsuit

After Dechbery filed a claim with the EEOC, she alleges she was subjected to retaliation. Someone allegedly changed her locker name tag from Dechbery to “Duchbery,” and her coworkers allegedly started calling her “douchebag.”

They city denies Dechbery’s allegations.

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Employee gender discrimination lawsuit filed against FDNY
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