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Monday January 22nd 2018



Bad boss costs Panda Express $150,000 in sexual harassment settlement

A bad boss who the EEOC claims subjected a number of female employees to sexual harassment has cost Panda Express $150,000.

This is the amount that the restaurant company has agreed to pay to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that the EEOC filed against it.

The EEOC claims that this boss, who was a kitchen supervisor at a Panda Express restaurant in Kauai, Hawaii, created a sexually hostile work environment by making sexual comments and sexual advances to at least three female teenaged employees.

The sexual harassment was allegedly reported to the restaurant’s general manager, but the EEOC claims that Panda Express did not take sufficient action to stop the harassment.

Panda Express sexual harassment lawsuit

EEOC local director Timothy Riera said, “We encourage employers to conduct meaningful training of its employees on what the policies and procedures are with respect to sexual harassment. Those who exercise their right to report sexual harassment and discrimination at work are also protected from illegal retaliation. The EEOC is certainly here to help, especially when employers fail to meet their legal obligation to protect our youngest workers.”

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Bad boss costs Panda Express $150,000 in sexual harassment settlement
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