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Sunday February 18th 2018



TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington accused of assaulting former coworker

The website Gawker claims to have uncovered allegations of a former coworker of Michael Arrington who accused the TechCrunch founder of assaulting her in 1999 in a hotel room while the two attended a conference on behalf of a company called RealNames.

The woman, who worked with Arrington at RealNames at the time of the alleged assault, claims that Arrington violently threw her onto a bed in a hotel room and held her down so hard that her arms were bruised.

The woman and Arrington had allegedly been dating but were not romantically involved at the time of the hotel room incident.

The woman told RealNames HR director Cecile Sharp about the alleged assault, and she informed the company CEO.  RealNames hired an external firm to conduct an investigation into the assault allegations.

According to Sharp, the investigation did not reach any specific conclusions, but Arrington was reprimanded, and a note about the incident was put in his personnel file. Arrington quit RealNames voluntarily a few months after the investigation.

Sharp told Gawker, “This has to stop. If you’re a parent and you have daughters, you don’t want your daughters to experience this bullshit.”

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