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Monday January 22nd 2018



Race discrimination lawsuit filed against GR Spring & Stamping

Qareeb Hayden, a former employee at GR Spring & Stamping, has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against the company.

Hayden claims that several bad bosses and coworkers subjected him to a racially hostile work environment that included verbal harassment such as being called the N-word and a “colored boy.”

Hayden, who was allegedly the only black employee at GR Spring & Stamping’s Richmond, Kentucky plant, claims that he was subjected to different standards and work conditions than the company’s white employees.

According to the complaint, a training supervisor told Hayden after he was hired that “blacks don’t last long around here.”

Hayden claims that he did not receive certain benefits, incentives, and compensation when his white coworkers received them, and he claims that he was required to perform difficult tasks that the white workers refused to do.

Hayden alleges that he complained to a company HR manager about the hostile work environment but GR Spring & Stamping allegedly did not take action to stop the harassment.

Hayden was terminated in September 2012 after working at GR Spring & Stamping for eight months. He claims he was fired because of his race.

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Race discrimination lawsuit filed against GR Spring & Stamping
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