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Sunday February 25th 2018



Pima Community College responds to HLC report on sexual harassment and hostile work environment accusations

Pima Community College published what it called a Corrective Action Plan in response to a Higher Learning Commission report on sexual harassment and hostile work environment complaints made by college employees.

In its Corrective Action Plan, Pima Community College plans to “Make whole the individuals who came forward with allegations of sexual harassment.”

Among the allegations were complaints by eight current and former PCC female employees that former Chancellor Roy Flores sexually harassed them.

The college also said that it “accepts that misapplications of the power relationship between supervisors and employees at all levels of College hierarchy resulted in a ‘culture of fear’ that hurt productivity and stifled innovation and the free flow of ideas.”

According to the Corrective Action Plan, PCC commits to providing its employees with “mandatory biannual training in identifying and properly responding to allegations of bullying and sexual harassment.”

On Friday, Pima Community College faculty and staff passed a vote of “no confidence” in four of the five sitting board members. The four board members accused of contributing to the school’s problems are Marty Cortez, Brenda Even, David Longoria and Scott Stewart.

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