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Wednesday February 21st 2018



MHRC accepts former Denny’s employee’s hostile work environment claim

The Maine Human Rights Commission has accepted the hostile work environment claim of a former Denny’s employee.

The employee, Ann Clark, claims that she was subjected to sexual harassment by a coworker at Denny’s. She also alleges that Realty Resources Hospitality, the company that operates the Denny’s restaurant in Augusta, Maine, did not address Clark’s complaint about the harassment.

The company claims that they investigated Clark’s complaint, found that the coworker did indeed sexually harass a number of female employees, and fired the harassing employee as well as the general manager who apparently tolerated the hostile work environment.

Clark claims that she was later fired in January 2011 in retaliation for complaining about the sexual harassment, while the company alleges that she was fired for unacceptable behavior after she had an argument with a coworker in front of customers.

If the two parties are unable to resolve the dispute, Clark might decide to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer.

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