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Sunday January 21st 2018



Former employee files race discrimination lawsuit against Fox Sports

Jerry Davis, a former director in the Fox Sports music department, has filed a race discrimination lawsuit against the company.

Davis claims that Fox Sports “has intentionally maintained a practice of directly and indirectly favoring the hiring and/or promotion of non-Black and non-minority¬†employees at senior levels without any legitimate reason.”

According to Davis, none of the 34 vice president level executives at Fox Sports are African-American, and no blacks have worked as vice president in the 19 years that the Fox Sports Corporate Group division has existed.

Despite working at Fox Sports for over 15 years, Davis was denied promotions to the Vice President of Music position in the four times that the position had become available.

Davis claims that he had expressed interest in the VP Music position and that his “superior education, skills, and performance as well as strong support from senior-level colleagues” should have qualified him for the position.

Davis alleges that Fox Sports discriminated against him by not offering him a single promotion during the 15 years that he worked at the company.

According to the complaint, “After years of waiting for his chance to be promoted into a more senior-level position, Fox Sports instead slowly and calculatingly reduced his responsbilities and then eliminated his position altogether while he was on disability leave without providing any interactive process or attempts at accommodation.”

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Former employee files race discrimination lawsuit against Fox Sports
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