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Sunday January 21st 2018



Englewood Hospital former CEO sued for sexual harassment

New Jersey’s Englewood Hospital and Medical Center and its former CEO and president, Douglas Duchak, are being sued for sexual harassment.

Maria Margiotta, a marketing manager at Englewood Hospital, claims that Duchak was a bad boss who created a sexually hostile work environment by making unwanted comments about sex and about her clothes, her hair, and her weight.

Margiotta also alleges that Duchak forcibly kissed her in November. The next day, Duchak allegedly apologized to Margiotta and told her that he “crossed the line.”

Margiotta claims that she complained to Englewood Hospital’s HR department about the alleged sexual harassment. According to the complaint, after complaining to HR, her colleagues made the hostile work environment worse for Margiotta by ostracizing, ridiculing, and defaming her.

Duchak, who is married and has three children, resigned as the CEO and president of Englewood Hospital in January.

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Englewood Hospital former CEO sued for sexual harassment
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