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Monday January 22nd 2018



EEOC files retaliation lawsuit against Winfield Rubber

The EEOC has filed a retaliation lawsuit against Winfield Rubber Manufacturing.

According to the EEOC, the Alabama-based company fired one of its managers in retaliation for terminating an employee who had subjected a female coworker to sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The EEOC claims that after Mark Holmes fired the employee who sexually harassed and assaulted a female employee, Winfield Rubber verbally abused the victim, re-hired the harasser, and tried to convince Holmes to change his opinion poor he company’s refusal to adequately address the sexual harassment.

According to an EEOC investigation, Winfield Rubber then fired Holmes when he said he would “tell the truth” rather than support the company’s inaccurate version of the events.

EEOC District Director Delner Franklin-Thomas said, “There is no justification in the world for any employer to penalize a manager for doing the right thing, stopping sexual misconduct and ensuring that victims know their rights. Punishing this man instead of thanking him was a perversion of justice, and the EEOC is here to right such wrongs.”

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EEOC files retaliation lawsuit against Winfield Rubber
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