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Tuesday January 16th 2018



Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office detective claims bad boss subjected her to workplace bullying

Lynn Wehling, a detective at the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office, filed a notice of claim for damages in February after allegedly being subjected to sexual harassment and workplace bullying by her boss.

Wehling claims that she was subjected “to an unrelenting barrage of harassment” and a hostile work environment by an abusive, bad boss “on the basis of her gender and sexual orientation.”

Wehling is seeking $2.5 million in damages from Cumberland County because the county allegedly did not prevent her boss, Sgt. George Chopek, from bullying and harassing her over several years.  According to Wehling’s claim, “Sergeant Chopek was never disciplined or reprimanded for his inappropriate conduct, and, as a result, Sergeant Chopek continued to harass [Wehling].”

Wehling, who started working for the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office in February 2004, claims that the harassment started shortly after Chopek became Wehling’s immediate supervisor in November 2009.

According to Wehling’s claim, Chopek “openly called [Wehling] ‘gay’ and referred to her as ‘a guy,’ ‘sir,’ and ‘dude’ in public and in front of other members of the Narcotics Unit.  Sergeant Chopek even trained his young daughter to call [Wehling], ‘Uncle Lynn.'”

Wehling claims that Chopek routinely asked her, “Do you shave your pussy? Is it bald down there?”  Chopek also allegedly touched Wehling’s hair and told her, “I want to come in your hair. Does that make me gay?”

Chopek asked Wehling if she was having sex with a female coworker.  Chopek, who lives next door to Wehling, said, ”Come on, you can tell me, I want to fuck her too’ and commented on how the parole officer had ‘big tits.’  Sergeant Chopek then informed [Wehling] that he could look into her windows at home because the curtains were not closed all the way, and he could see [Wehling] ‘fucking her.'”  Chopek allegedly went on to say “that ‘the girl was hot,’ and he thought about the two of them together and ‘jerked off’ in the shower.”

Wehling alleges that Chopek accused her of having sex with other women who she spoke with at work.  According to the claim, Chopek “accused the CCPO’s former trial chief of being a lesbian, stating that she must like Claimant because she is a ‘dyke.’  Sergeant Chopek further stated that [Wehling] ‘must have fucked her.’  He claimed that the trial chief always liked the ‘dykes,’ referring to a former CCPO detective and that ‘other dyke bitch,’ referring to a paralegal.  Sergeant Chopek also asked [Wehling] if she would ‘fuck’ Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae, wondering if [Wehling] had ever been with a black woman.”

Chopek also allegedly made racist comments on a regular and ongoing basis. For example, Wehling claims that Chopek “informed [her] that the girlfriend of another detective had ‘fucked a nigger.’  Following an argument with Lieutenant Rosemary Parks, Sergeant Chopek entered the Unit’s back room where several detectives sat.  He screamed, ‘I hope that when [Lieutenant Parks’] daughter goes to college, she gets raped by a nigger.'”

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Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office detective claims bad boss subjected her to workplace bullying
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