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Monday January 22nd 2018



A workplace bullying story

The following story was sent to eBossWatch via our Facebook page:

I am sending my workplace bullying story. I could write a book on this topic after the perfectly stereotypical workplace bullying experience I endured, from the ‘divide & conquer’ staff intimidation methods to the mind games, nitpicking, & cronyism strategies of management.

I was recently employed for 5 1/2 yrs at a county public library where I was incessantly bullied by my direct supervisor and later, her supervisor as well upon her transfer to our branch within my last year of employment there. I sought recourse EVERYWHERE to no avail for years: chain of command, HR, private lawyers, our union, colleagues, former coworkers/targets, etc.
The bottom line was, according to legal sources, that without me having an EEOC claim: what they were doing to me was perfectly legal in our state of MD.

The union stewards sided with my supervisor admitting she was a former steward as well and a “big supporter of the union”. I finally couldn’t take it anymore after my mental and physical health were at their wit’s end and I was cornered with successive illegitimate write-ups by the 2 aforesaid supervisors that HR refused to accept my concrete proof were ill-conceived.

I finally resigned 6 mths ago and am still unemployed due to the current economy AND without income/unemployment compensation of course bc this issue is still not a valid legal reason to resign (unbelievably), although I did try anyway to fight it, but lost. I have no major skills that set me apart due to the fact that I am only 3/4 finished with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree which is just like having only a diploma in this country, since “almost doesn’t count”.
Luckily, unfortunately unlike so many other bullying targets: I have the support of a family member, albeit not living as financially comfortably as before of course. I did not leave my job quietly, however. I massively emailed the entire system of employees revealing to them that my reason for departure was not termination as might later be purposefully rumored, but that I had resigned due to years of psychological abuse a.k.a. workplace bullying by my supervisor and later hers, with no recourse from our chain of command, HR, nor union that supposedly represented us in unjust cases such as these. I also attached a workplace bullying petition for our state for them to sign (since our state is not one of those enlightened yet in this struggle) and a bullet-pointed list of detailed violations committed and overlooked by my supervisors and this library system.

I received feedback from some unintimidated employees supporting me, admitting to witnessing it rampantly committed system-wide themselves, and two others who admitted to having pending EEOC cases against the system due to discrimination. I was also told that a few others, who did not even know me nor those I spoke of, shamed me for “slandering” those in charge. I kept documentation of violations accrued nearly daily at times for my length of time there, as did other ex-coworkers/targets I kept in contact with. I initially sought out resources for some kind of accountability for this entity to which to reveal my data, but could not locate one and am not even sure if there IS one.

They are funded by the county government, but are NOT the county govt. and are headed by a board of trustees (mostly county govt. council members) and a library director under them. I contacted both of them with my revelations and never received even so much as a reply. I thought of perhaps contacting our county executive, but did not know whether this would be the type of matter that his position entailed him to handle or not. I would love to contact our county press/media sources as well, but feared legal reprisals for naming the entity.

In conclusion, I have regained my dignity and slowly am regaining my emotional/physical health (albeit now without health insurance) after leaving that toxic environment of a workplace, but I am now at a standstill as to how to expose them to prevent it from continuing towards others and to gain accountability for their actions, both of which I want to do more than anything and will not forgive and forget this ever until I do.

A workplace bullying story
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