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Sunday January 21st 2018



Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CMEA venture capital firm

San Francisco venture capital firm CMEA is being sued for sexual harassment and retaliation by three of its executive assistants.

Margaret Hines, Shannon Schlagenhauf, and Dawn-Shemain Weeks claim that they were subjected to a sexually hostile work environment that consisted of inappropriate sexual comments by the firm’s former partner, John Haag.

The women allege that Haag made some of the sexual comments to them in front of other CMEA partners, but the women claim that the other partners did not take any significant steps to stop Haag’s alleged sexual harassment.

The women submitted a formal complaint in April 2012, and CMEA conducted an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations. As a result, Haag left CMEA.

The women claim that they were also subjected to retaliation after having made the sexual harassment complaint. According to the women, they received fewer opportunities to work overtime and to earn additional income, but they were given greater workloads.

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Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CMEA venture capital firm
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