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Sunday February 25th 2018



Former employee sues Disney for retaliation after he reported sexual harassment complaint

Robert Klein, a former archivist at Disney, has filed a retaliation lawsuit against the company. Klein alleges that he was fired in retaliation for reporting a sexual harassment complaint to the Disney human resources department.

According to Klein, an employee, Kiara Gellar, told him that he was being sexually harassed by Andrea Recendez-Carbon, another employee who has a “known history of sexual harassment-type issues…having been involved in a prior scandal.”

Klein claims that he submitted Gellar’s complaint to Disney HR and was fired afterwards for allegedly improperly filling out Gellar’s paperwork and allegedly lying about knowing that Gellar and Recendez-Carbon had a previous relationship.

Klein claims that he did not know about the employees’ relationship and that someone else had filed out the paperwork in question.

According to the complaint, “This is a case about Walt Disney Company’s attempt to cover up sexual harassment at the company by willfully retaliating against and firing the very person who reported the harassment in the first place, a person of impeccable credentials and former archivist for Disney who appeared on television for the company several times and wrote multiple books about Disney’s history.”

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