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Tuesday February 20th 2018



Disability discrimination lawsuit filed against Presbyterian Healthcare

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against Presbyterian Healthcare Associates Corp., one of the largest health care institutions in North Carolina.

According to the EEOC, that Presbyterian Healthcare rescinded a job offer to a job applicant who the company perceived to be disabled because of a permanent knee injury.

The EEOC claims that Donovus Todd applied for a phlebotomist position at Presbyterian Healthcare and was offered the job pending a health screening exam.

After Todd mentioned his knee injury during the health screening exam, Presbyterian Healthcare rescinded its job offer even though, according to the EEOC, Todd was fully qualified for the position and could perform its duties.

EEOC attorney Lynette Barnes said, “It is unfortunate that more than 20 years after the enactment of the ADA, too many employers hold impairments against applicants when those impairments don’t inhibit their ability to perform the jobs they seek.

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