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Wednesday February 21st 2018



Cumberland County teacher lawsuit accuses principal of sexual harassment

Teresa Kemmer, a former teacher at Cumberland County’s Phoenix School, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Cumberland County Board of Education.

Kemmer claims that former principal Rocky Zazzaro subjected her to a sexually hostile work environment.

Kemmer alleges that she complained to supervisors about the sexual harassment but that her supervisors did not adequately investigate her claims or approve her request to change schools to avoid Zazzaro and the hostile work environment.

Kemmer claims that, as a result of her complaints, Zazzaro continued to harass and ostracize her in retaliation.

According to the complaint, “The retaliation and loss of [Kemmer]’s job were the result of [Kemmer] complaining of the sexual harassment and the ongoing retaliation for reporting the harassment.”

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