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Wednesday February 21st 2018



Sexual harassment complaint leads to resignation of Square Inc COO Keith Rabois

A male Square Inc employee claims that Chief Operating Officer Keith Rabois subjected him to sexual harassment. The employee also alleges that Square company management knew about the alleged sexual harassment but did not take the necessary steps to stop the harassment.

Rabois has resigned his position as Square’s COO, though he denies having sexually harassed the employee.

Rabois and the employee had been involved in an intimate relationship prior to the employee joining Square. Rabois recommended to the employee that he apply for a job at Square, but Rabois denies having interviewing or supervising the employee.

Rabois did not inform Square of his relationship with the employee.

Square spokesperson Ricardo Reyes said in a statement, “While we have not found evidence to support any claims, Keith exercised poor judgment that ultimately undermined his ability to remain an effective leader at Square. We accepted his resignation.”

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