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Monday January 22nd 2018



Gannett to pay $49,900 to settle disability discrimination lawsuit

Gannett Company, Inc. and Gannett Media Technologies, Inc. (GMTI) have agreed to pay former employee Robin Parker-Garcia to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit that she filed against the media group.

The EEOC claims that Parker-Garcia unlawfully terminated her in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act because she suffered from bipolar disorder.

According to the complaint, Parker-Garcia had exceeded her supervisors’ expectations and was up for a promotion before she went on medical leave to treat her bipolar disorder. After returning from her medical leave, Parker-Garcia was fired.

EEOC regional attorney Mary Jo O’Neill said, “The ADA and its recent amendments have made clear that many mental disabilities are protected by federal law. Many disabled persons, including those with bipolar disorder, are qualified, ready and willing to work — all they needed is an equal opportunity.

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Gannett to pay $49,900 to settle disability discrimination lawsuit
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