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Wednesday March 29th 2017



America’s Worst Bosses

The eBossWatch panel of workplace experts has selected and ranked the fourth annual list of America’s Worst Bosses.

The 2012 America’s Worst Bosses include a college dean, four restaurant owners, a fire department chief, five doctors, a judge, three county prosecuting attorneys, and a state attorney general.

To date, the 2012 America’s Worst Bosses have cost their employers over $41 million in monetary damages and lawsuit settlement payments.  Of this amount, the 2012 worst bosses in the public sector have cost their respective taxpayers over $21 million.

The managers who made this year’s list of America’s Worst Bosses were named in workplace lawsuits filed by their employees and were accused of workplace harassment and/or sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and/or creating a hostile work environment.

America's Worst Bosses

The eBossWatch panel of workplace experts who selected and ranked the worst bosses from across the country includes includes:


America’s Worst Bosses 2012


Name Organization Location
1 Timothy Young Fairfax County Fire Department Fairfax, VA
2 Edward Globakar Mary Ann’s Mexican Restaurant New York, NY
3 Trent Bertrand Philips Entertainment Lighting Louisville, KY
4 Fred Beans and Elizabeth Beans Gilbert Fred Beans Hyundai Doylestown, PA
5 Richard Moore Aaron’s St. Louis, MO
6 Susan Piel Denton County District Attorney’s Office Denton, TX
7 James Schwartz El Camino College Torrance, CA
8 Michael Martelli Federal Fruit and Produce Denver, CO
9 Dr. Russell Tomar Cook County Chicago, IL
10 Edward Howze and James Gilbert CSX Transportation Fayetteville, NC
11 Lee Broadnax IHOP Bernalillo, NM
12 Rick Fuentes New Jersey State Police West Trenton, NJ
13 Juan Flores and Gregorio Rodriguez Si Casa Flores Medford, OR
14 Tom Dinnauer Andrews International San Francisco, CA
15 Gary Greenberg Birken Manufacturing Company Bloomfield, CT
16 Maurice LaRiviere City of Methuen Methuen, MA
17 Dr. Bryan C. Donohue, Dr. Sanjaya Saheta, Dr. Christopher Allen Donohue Cardiology Associates Washington, PA
18 Dr. Mark Noar and Martin Virga Endoscopic Microsurgery Associates Baltimore, MD
19 Bobby Ferguson Ferguson Enterprises Detroit, MI
20 Brian Pat Reed Merchant Management Systems Inc Askland, KY
21 Joseph Strub Primebank Sioux City, IA
22 Ronald Weaver Takoma Aquatic Center Washington, DC
23 Cleve Bryant University of Texas Austin, TX
24 Brian Jones Villa Galleria St. Louis, MO
25 Tom Scudero Millennium Broadway Hotel New York, NY
26 Jeanne M. Campbell Campbell-Crane Washington, DC
27 Kim Staley Moss Point School District Moss Point, MS
28 Sam Covelli Panera Bread Pittsburgh, PA
29 Leesther Brown Peekskill Housing Authority Peekskill, NY
30 Dennis Sherwood Qwest San Francisco, CA
31 Russell French and Jonathan Carter Kittery Police Department Kittery, ME
32 Robin Heinemann Concord Police Department Concord, CA
33 Ricardo Campbell and Richard Lee Campbell DiMare Ruskin Immokalee, FL
34 Phill Kline State of Kansas Topeka, KS
35 Larry Dominick Town of Cicero Cicero, IL
36 Kenneth Black Department of Veterans Affairs Union Grove, WI
37 Michael Austin Findlay Honda Las Vegas, NV
38 Carolyn Frutoz-De Harne Hawaii Professional HomeCare Services Honolulu, HI
39 Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho County of Kauai Office of the Prosecuting Attorney Lihue, HI
40 Michael Korb Fayette County Detention Center Lexington, KY
41 Frank Mora Oasis One Dry Cleaners McAllen, TX
42 Robert Soboleski and Donald Kakas New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Pennsville Township, NJ
43 Robert Doar New York Human Resources Administration New York, NY
44 Deb Kelly and Mark Nichols Clallam County Prosecutor’s Office Port Angeles, WA
45 Donald Michael Galbraith Hurricane Grill and Wings Royal Palm Beach, FL
46 Thomas W. Manning Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Chicopee, MA
47 Ron Hittle Stockton Fire Department Stockton, CA
48 Al Bell Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court Greensburg, PA
49 Glenn Aronow New York State Senate Buffalo, NY
50 Thomas Andrews Fulton County Atlanta, GA
America’s Worst Bosses
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  5. jayarebee says:

    RSS: Restaurant Software Solutions Union, NJ… Provide POS Point of Sales equipment to local restaurants, however the restaurants are becoming less local due to terrible software/hardware, and phone support. Owner Scott Spitzberg promises employees W2 work, but then nails them with a W9 ASAP so he can avoid taxes, nobody stays along long enough…. I know 3 people besides me that quit because the boss (Scott avoided us) and wouldn’t meet with us 1on1, he would always create a staff meeting… he is a terrible boss and business man, he had a good idea, but he just doesn’t know how to treat people well…

  6. Toni says:

    CT allows a convicted felon who steals from her own father in a skilled living home run a business who supplies , nurses to agencies prey on consumers. She also cheats employees out of wages, lies to her customers and cheats the citizens of Connecticut and our dept of labor allows her company to earn a profit off of the citizens and businesses in our state. Check out Kathryn Melanson vs State of CT in court system website. Also her biggest client is Benchmark Senior Living out of MA, how ironic that she cheated her own father in assisted living only to supply Benchmark with nurses.

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