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Friday January 19th 2018



Was Apple Senior VP Scott Forstall a bad boss?

As the Apple SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall was seen as responsible for the recent release of the highly criticized Apple Maps app. Though some reporters claim that this embarassing product release, and the fact that he refused to sign a public letter of apology about Apple Maps, was the main reason why Forstall was asked to resign, there have been a number of reports that hint that his ouster was also due to the fact that Forstall might have been a bad boss who created a hostile work environment at Apple.

The New York Times mentions that “Mr. Forstall’s abrasive style and resistance to collaboration with other parts of the company were the main factors in his undoing.”

All Things D says, “He had big fans and also many detractors for his sharp-edged personality, as well as what some described as exhibiting “growing open challenges” to Cook himself….In addition, numerous sources noted persistent tension between Forstall and several other key execs, especially the powerful design chief Ive.”

According to BusinessWeek, Forstall “can be, in what some of his co-workers might call an understatement, a polarizing figure….according to several former Apple employees, a number of high-ranking executives have left the company because they found working with Forstall so difficult. That sentiment, it seems, has not been limited to fellow executives. One former member of the iOS team, a senior engineer, describes leaving Apple after growing tired of working with Forstall.”

“I once referred to Scott as Apple’s chief a–hole,” says former Apple software engineer Mike Lee, who left the company in 2010. “And I didn’t mean it as a criticism. I meant it as a compliment. You could say the same thing about Steve Jobs.”

“Some former associates of Forstall, none of whom would comment on the record for fear of alienating Apple, say he routinely takes credit for collaborative successes, deflects blame for mistakes, and is maddeningly political. They say he has such a fraught relationship with other members of the executive team—including lead designer Jony Ive and Mac hardware chief Bob Mansfield—that they avoid meetings with him unless Tim Cook is present.”

If any of Forstall’s employees would like to share their opinions about whether he was a bad boss or not, please do so in the comments section below.

Was Apple Senior VP Scott Forstall a bad boss?
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