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Sunday February 18th 2018



Senor Frog’s sexual harassment lawsuit

The EEOC has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Señor Frog’s, a popular chain of Mexican-themed restaurants and bars.

According to the EEOC, the Senor Frog’s owner, CEO and top-level managers subjected at least nine female employees to sexual harassment, repeatedly bombarding them with sexual propositions, explicit sexual remarks, groping, grabbing, exposure of male managers’ genital areas, and even ordering the women to perform sexual favors for high-level Señor Frog officials.

The EEOC alleges that the abusive behavior was condoned by Señor Frog’s owner, Ale­jan­dro Shoer, and CEO, David Krou­ham, and that Shoer and Krouham also participated in the sexual harassment.

Also accused of sexual harassment are high level executive Abelardo Juarez and Senor Frog’s managers Damien Jimenez, Tona Risso, Carlito Alvarez, Salvador Carpinteyro, and Juano Delgado.

According to the complaint:

Alejandro Shoer told a female server that watching her in a skirt made him have an erection, commenting that she liked to swallow in reference to oral sex and openly making similar comments to other female employees and customers. Management officials including Damien Jimenez, Tona Risso and Salvador Carpinteyro would make frequent sexual comments about the Claimants’ and female customers’ bodies, especially their breasts.

Management officials would routinely participate in sexually inappropriate behavior with the Claimants at the Senor Frog’s restaurant. Male managers would regularly demand that bartender Claimants serve them body shots off of the Claimants and female customers. Male management officials would participate in sexual activity with female customers while on duty and in the presence of the Claimants. Manager Damien Jimenez exposed his penis to at least one Claimant. Male managers were routinely encouraging Claimants, many of whom were under the legal drinking age at the time, to drink alcohol with them. Claimants understood that their male managers wanted to get them drunk so the Claimants would participate in sexual activity with the managers.

Male managers also physically sexually harassed the Claimants. The physical sexual conduct included male management officials groping females’ breasts and buttocks, leering at the Claimants and making them very uncomfortable, and brushing up against the Claimants’ bodies. Damien Jimenez, a bar manager, would routinely brush up against the Claimant bartenders’ backsides and rub up against them while they were working. He would also put his arms around them to grope them while they were working the cash register. Other Claimants were also subjected to physical groping by male managers. For example, one manager forcibly grabbed at least one Claimant as the manager thrust his hips back and forth simulating sexual intercourse.

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