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Sunday April 23rd 2017



New York Athletic Club sexual harassment lawsuit

The New York Athletic Club is being sued for sexual harassment by former waitress Keisi Ballenilla.

Ballenilla claims that she was repeatedly sexually harassed by her boss, Nesim Zuberi, and other managers. According to the complaint, Zuberi “and other employees created a hostile work environment by frequently requiring that [she] engage in sexual acts as a condition of receiving work.”

In depositions that a current and former employee gave, they allege that New York Athletic Club members and managers subjected the employees to workplace discrimination by making racist comments that included using the N-word.

According to these employees, complaints about discriminatory behavior and sexual harassment were not taken seriously by New York Athletic Club managers, who allegedly failed to conduct real investigations into the complaints and often dismissed them as “unfounded.”

New York Athletic Club sexual harassment lawsuit

(photo by Wendel F.)

Many employees apparently did not report incidents of discrimination or harassment because they feared they would be subjected to retaliation or terminated from their jobs.

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New York Athletic Club sexual harassment lawsuit
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One Response to “New York Athletic Club sexual harassment lawsuit”

  1. Amidi Zuberi says:

    By reading the alleged accusation of sexual harassment lawsuit at New York Athletic Club; I think a reply is worth it. I have known workers at NYAC and have communicated with them personally as well as by phone, however, not one time have I heard or seen such a behavior from any of them, especially Nesim Zuberi who have visited Eurpe many time and we have travled togethr; as a matter of a fact he has always respected his wife and children and has never even expressed any immoral statemnts and/or behavior.
    I think, from my personal studies in cases like this is for the people accusing to be carefully check and examined of their reasons behind their accusation and who is really behind it? I think in this case, Keisi Ballenilla has someone behind that have planned this.
    These days is even hard to speak with a smile to most ladies because they would take that as sexual harassment.
    Amidi Zuberi

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