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Sunday February 18th 2018



Age discrimination in Silicon Valley

Many successful technology companies have been started by young entrepreneurs, and some older people in Silicon Valley claim to have felt age discrimination during job interviews.

A 60-year-old man with gray hair said that he was turned down from multiple positions until he shaved his hair and dressed in more casual clothes. He believes that getting rid of his gray hair is what led to the job offer that he received.

Although there is often little evidence that a job applicant was rejected because of age discrimination, venture capitalists often mention that they prefer to invest in companies founded by young entrepreneurs.

For example, Sequoia Capital partner Mike Moritz has told conference-goers, “”I am just an incredibly enthusiastic fan of very talented 20-somethings starting companies.”

Investors are not subject to employment discrimination laws, so they are usually more forthcoming about their preferences regarding the desired age range of the entrepreneurs and executives that they typically back.

Source: Reuters