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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



Blue Ridge settles George Gutierrez harassment lawsuit

The EEOC announced that Midland, Texas-based Blue Ridge Resources, has settled a national origin harassment lawsuit brought by the EEOC on the second day of trial. The settlement pays three former oil field service crew members $43,000 in damages for the mistreatment.

According to the EEOC, a Blue Ridge crew supervisor named George Gutierrez subjected three former oil rig workers to a hostile work environment because of their Mexican national origin.

The workers claim that Gutierrez subjected them to daily slurs such as “wetbacks” and “dirty Mexicans.” The EEOC further charged that Gutierrez, who had admitted to a nickname of “Wetback Killer,” would deny the men water while working in the extreme heat of West Texas, telling them that “wetbacks don’t need no water.”

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Blue Ridge settles George Gutierrez harassment lawsuit
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