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Wednesday January 17th 2018



EEOC sues Henry’s Turkey Service for harassing mentally disabled workers

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against Hill Country Farms, doing business as Henry’s Turkey Service, for subjecting a group of 31 men with intellectual disabilities to severe abuse and discrimination for more than 20 years.

According to the EEOC, specifically, the complaint alleges that that the owners and staffers of Henry’s Turkey denied the workers lawful wages, paying them only $65 a month for full-time work; subjected them to a hostile work environment consisting of abusive verbal and physical harassment; restricted their freedom of movement; and imposed other harsh terms and conditions of employment such as requiring them to live in deplorable and sub-standard living conditions, and failing to provide adequate medical care when needed. 

The workplace bullying included frequently referring to the workers as “retarded”, “dumb ass” and “stupid”.  Class members reported acts of physical abuse including hitting, kicking, at least one case of handcuffing, and forcing the disabled workers to carry heavy weights as punishment.  The Henry’s Turkey supervisors, also the workers’ purported caretakers, were often dismissive of complaints of injuries or pain.

Read the entire EEOC press release


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EEOC sues Henry’s Turkey Service for harassing mentally disabled workers
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