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Friday October 31st 2014



El Camino College to pay $2.5 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuit

Nyesha Artiaga, a former secretary at El Camino College near Los Angeles, will receive $2.5 million to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit that she failed against the school.

Artiaga claimed that James Schwartz, the 74-year-old former dean of El Camino College, sexually harassed her for over two years, offered her hundreds of dollars to have sex with him in hotel rooms, threatened to fire her if she refused to have sex with him, and raped her in his office on one occasion.

Also named in the complaint were current vice president of academic affairs Francisco Arce and fine arts dean Constance Fitzsimons, who allegedly tried to have Artiaga fired.

Two other recent workplace harassment lawsuits have been filed against El Camino College.

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El Camino College to pay $2.5 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuit
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    start at the top and FIRE THE PRESIDENT. hey-hey ho-ho shallow Fallo’s got to go. not only did she personally reach out to the president for help and complain about what was going on in Fine Arts but so did several others on her behalf (the union, tenured faculty and staff). EXPLAIN THAT BILL BEVERLY and while you’re at it don’t forget to mention that she also publically came directly to you and the board of trustees with her complaints as well. IN RETURN a witch hunt ensued and she was retaliated against and further harassed in an effort to shut her up and get rid of her. WAKE UP PEOPLE! everyone here knows how foul our administration is. let her be an example of what happens when you stand your ground against the old mighty corrupted system. I’M PROUD OF HER…WAY TO GO!

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