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Tuesday January 16th 2018



Former employee sues Daystar Television Network founder Marcus Lamb for fraud

Jeanette Hawkins, who worked as the Director of Marketing, filed a lawsuit in December against Daystar Television Network accusing its founder and CEO, Marcus Lamb, of fraud.

Hawkins claims that it was very important to her “to determine the moral integrity” of Daystar and “especially the individuals under whose authority she would be placing herself.”

As such, during her job interview with Lamb, she specifically asked about the “moral standards with which Daystar was managed and the moral climate of the workplace.”  Lamb told Hawkins that “Daystar was operated in conformity to the highest standards of Christian behavior, making specific reference to chastity, modesty, and purity, and that conformity to those statements was required of all employees.”

According to the complaint, despite the fact that Lamb made these representations to Hawkins, she later discovered that Lamb was “in the midst of an illicit sexual affair” with one of the senior officers of Daystar that had been ongoing for about five years.

Daystar filed a countersuit against Hawkins two days later alleging that she and two other employees conspired to commit extortion against Lamb.  Following an investigation, the Bedford Police Department said that the employees had broken no laws.

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Former employee sues Daystar Television Network founder Marcus Lamb for fraud
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