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Monday January 22nd 2018



$100 million gender discrimination lawsuit filed against Publicis Groupe

Monique da Silva Moore, a former Global Healthcare Director for MSLGroup, has filed a $100 million gender discrimination lawsuit against Publicis Groupe.

Moore claims that although women account for approximately 70% of the staff at Publicis Groupe, they only hold about 15% of leadership positions.  According to the complaint, “Publicis’s glass ceiling might as well be a cement wall.  Gender discrimination permeates Publicis’s entire PR practice.”

Moore also alleges that she and other female employees were paid less than similarly-situated male employees, that she and other female employees were not promoted at the same rate as similarly-situated male employees, and that she was wrongfully terminated in 2008 “immediately following her return from maternity leave after thirteen years of exemplary employment with the Company.”

MSLGroup Americas President Jim Tsokanos was named in the complaint.  Though both Tsokanos and Moore both held comparable Managing Director positions in 2004, Tsokanos was allegedly promoted to Executive Vice President in 2005 and then to President of North America in 2008 while Moore remained at the Director level with the same salary.  In November 2009, Tsokanos was promoted to the MSLGroup global leadership team. 

Moore claims that Tsokanos gave her an ultimatum to either immediately relocate with her baby and her two other children to the company’s New York office or to leave the company.  According to the complaint, “Although Mr. Tsokanos denied Plaintiff’s request for time to relocate to New  York City, MSL has granted similar requests from Plaintiff’s similarly situated male peers and female peers without children.”


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$100 million gender discrimination lawsuit filed against Publicis Groupe
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