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Monday February 19th 2018



Aviation Laboratories boss accused of sexual harassment

Former Aviation Laboratories employee Christina Jenkins has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company.  Jenkins claims that she was subjected to a hostile work environment by John Vicari, her boss at the Kenner, Louisiana office of Aviation Laboratories.

Jenkins accuses Vicari of slapping her buttocks, brushing up against her with the back of his hand, following her to the bathroom, and asking her to photograph herself in the nude and to send him the photograph.

According to the complaint:

  • Vicari “made numerous negative ethnic remarks about her Mexican boyfriend with whom she has a son.” 
  • Vicari “made her crawl around on her hands and knees and bark like a dog…in order for her to attend her son’s award ceremony.” 
  • “On May 4, 2010, knowing that [Jenkins] has a phobia of cockroaches, [Vicari] threw a live one at her.”

Jenkins claims that Vicari’s harassment became worse after her complaints about the harassment led to Vicari being questioned by Rory Hammond, the owner of Aviation Laboratories.  Vicari then allegedly referred to Jenkins as a “cob webbed bitch vagina” and threatened to “beat the f*** out of her.”

Vicari allegedly harassed Pat Collins, another female employee, by “threatening to break her fingers, making her clean the lab on her hands and knees while nitpicking her and laughing at her, making her stay late, referring to her as stupid, and making her life miserable.”


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