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Saturday March 25th 2017



Larry Kay and Bryan Hunt accused of workplace bullying and retaliation at Missouri Veterans Commission

Larry D. Kay named in EEOC hostile work environment complaint

Larry D. Kay

In May 2010, former Missouri Veterans Commission employee Patricia Rowe Kerr filed hostile work environment and age discrimination complaints with the EEOC and the Missouri Human Rights Commission.

Rowe Kerr’s complaint claims that Executive Director Larry D. Kay and Deputy Director Bryan Hunt discriminated against her, created a hostile work environment, and retaliated against her when she complained about the alleged harassment.

According to Rowe Kerr’s complaint, Bryan Hunt allegedly “made comments that the Missouri Veterans Commission needed to get rid of old people” during an office meeting.  Larry Kay allegedly told Rowe Kerr that she “should get the senior citizen’s discount” at a Denny’s Restaurant.

The complaint claims that Kay made the following statements to Rowe Kerr:

  • “If you hurt us over here, I will come over there and hurt you. This is not a threat. It’s a promise, and I’m going to make it personal.”
  • Kay said that he had “killed people before.”  He said that he was “going to come after” Rowe Kerr, and he was “not making threats, these are promises,” and that he “always carried a knife.”
  • “If you think the governor is going to choose between you and me, a returning war hero, go ahead, take me on; I’m ready for you.”

Rowe Kerr also alleges that Kay “continually and repeatedly criticized women in the office, compelling multiple women to cry, and then bragged about it.”


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Larry Kay and Bryan Hunt accused of workplace bullying and retaliation at Missouri Veterans Commission
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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “Larry Kay and Bryan Hunt accused of workplace bullying and retaliation at Missouri Veterans Commission”

  1. Tim Wilding says:

    Pat Kerr is nuts. Do not believe a word she or her husband says.

  2. Unbelieveable says:

    Wow…I’ve never heard anything like this in my entire life. This woman sounds absolutely insane, very immature, and jealous. Sounds to me like she is trying to ruin someones life. I’m sorry, but when someone serves for OUR country and has gone through a lot,they are going to be a lot more respectful than that. Maybe it’s time for this lady to retire!

  3. vso says:

    Kay is by far the worst boss in America.

  4. MO Veteran says:

    I am a former military soldier and a disabled veteran. I have known Pat for many years. Pat is an absolute workaholic and furthermore one of the best Veteran Advocates I have ever known. The only insanity I have ever seen from Pat is her desire to help every veteran there is. Her mission isn’t to ruin the Director of the Missouri Veterans Commission’s life; she is there 24/7 hours a day ready and willing to assist veterans. To bring her Husband into that comment is just uncalled for. Her Husband is a great person, a Christian man with great insight. For Mr. Wilding to insult the Kerr family is just simply a cheap shot since I have it on good authority that the Wilding’s and Kay’s are great friends. Larry Kay is a bully and I for one have been a party to his bull. He is the type of person that will smile and talk nice to you but once you turn your back you wind up with a blade in it. I only seek the truth but do not wish to see other people proclaim that someone insulting comments towards a veteran advocate, the very person that has assisted thousands of Veterans across the State of Missouri and abroad. Instead of ranting about the person in a story and raking their character over the coals simply make sure you have all of the facts and then form an intelligent response.

  5. Pat Rowe Kerr says:

    I just learned of this website through a call and am sorry that Larry and Bryan are listed. This is an issue between us.

    However, Tim Wilding – since you seem to be MOST interested and with the least amount of facts, let me ask you – since I hired your wife to work for me – was that insane?

    Perhaps you should quit writing from your work websites as well as using my husband’s initial and last name in a blog since you are now blocked from another website as wildman 66 and jkerr.

    Your wife happens to be one of the people that I enjoyed working with most of the time. Gracie and Abraham were friends since 13 months and I was called to ask to HELP your wife deal with your deployment – maybe you don’t know that since you were deployed. (If need be, we can have a witness brought for that) However, I am tired of your unfounded slanderous statements.

    Unfortunately when you as her husband track her every movement through her bank card debits and sent her emails at work, one must ask whether you have some issues.

    Please leave us alone and no longer post anything you cannot prove. We have our proof. The next message you receive will not be from me. I am kindly sending this to you because I care about your wife. Pat Rowe Kerr

  6. ghost says:

    Well Kay is up to his old self again. Targeting women and saying all his crazy stuff. Threats, threats and more threats. I have information for you Pat Kerr and may join your lawsuit.
    He thinks he has so much power and polital pull that he has went way too far in throwing his weight around.
    Everyone has a boss. Who is his boss? If I can find out, maybe I might be able to inform him/her of his conduct.
    The VA grant money may need to go on hold for a while until they figure this out.

    Is Kay Mormon? He went to a Mormon college.

  7. JustASoldier says:

    Just found this site as I was looking for some news concerning Mr. Larry Kay. Is there any truth to the news that the MO legislature disciplined Mr. Kay yesterday by sending a “no confidence” vote to the Governor and then cutting his salary in half? Isnt this an admission of his guilt as related to Kerr’s case? Why are MO taxpayers defending this man? (His lawyer is a state-paid lawyer, right?)

  8. Stevearino says:

    Thanks Pat

  9. ebanich says:

    These claims against Bryan Hunt and Larry Kay are absolutely absurd. Pat Rowe Kerr enjoys making slanderous accusations for monetary gain. There’s a special place in hell for people like her.

  10. Certfiable says:

    I just ran across this site and read what people have been writing about Pat Rowe Kerr and am simply dumbfounded. Pat is a Veteran warrior. She does more for Veterans than anyone I have ever known. As for her making accusations towards anyone, well I believe Pat, if she said it happened, by God it happened the way she said it. I have known, worked for when he was in the National Guard, Larry Kay for a number of years. Larry Kay is a back stabbing, deceitful, conniving, devious worm. Not sure about Brian Hunt, I guess he is one of Larry Kay’s lackeys. I hope Pat reads this someday, there are plenty grateful Veterans on her side.

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