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Thursday March 30th 2017



Housby Mack Inc pays $500,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit

Sandra Peddicord, a former marketing executive at Iowa-based Housby Mack Inc., will receive $500,000 from the company to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that she had filed against her former employer.

Peddicord had accused Kevin Housby, vice president, and Kelly Housby, CEO, of sexually harassing her.  Kevin Housby was also accused of assault and battery for “kissing, petting, and hugging” Peddicord on multiple occassions.

Peddicord claimed that Kelly Housby asked her to model his wife’s bikini and introduced her to acquaintances as his “date for the night” on a business trip.

According to the The Des Moines Register, Peddicord alleged that Kevin Housby “licked her office window, left open beers on her desk and spoke fondly of what he called Peddicord’s ‘sex-me-up jeans.'”


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Housby Mack Inc pays $500,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit
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2 Responses to “Housby Mack Inc pays $500,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuit”

  1. current employee says:

    Housby Mack in Des Moines, Iowa who is the 35th worst employer in the nation has found out about this website and their current ranking. The individuals who are in charge of the company are trying to vote positive things to improve their ranking. They have also “enlisted” current employees to come to this website and “vote” in a positive manner to improve their ranking. Be very aware of what is on here and what has been on the news about this company…..things have not changed after the numerous lawsuits and the payouts they have made to former employees. They will never terminate an employee….they just lay-off the employee which is a permanent thing. BE CAREFUL with them!

  2. Current Employee says:

    Simply a terribly run family organization. They harrass current employees with verbal abuse of threatening their jobs, etc. Management basically uses the “rule by intimidation” approach. A person just cannot function in this environment. I have seen the way they treat their employees and it is ruthless to say the least. Never ever consider working for this organization. I have heard a previous employee is taking legal action against them shortly which is deserved for the owners and their staff……. I hope they take them to the cleaners as they say. They should be used to lawsuits by now anyway………..

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