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Monday April 24th 2017



EPI Advanced will pay $190,000 to settle EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit

EPI Advanced, LLC and Engineered Products Industries, LLC agreed to pay $190,000 to settle an EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit.

The EEOC had claimed that supervisor Dean Miller harassed Cathy Johnson and seven other women at its Sherman, Mississippi plant.

The women claimed that they were subjected to many sexually explicit comments and propositions, and some were grabbed and touched inappropriately by Miller.

Celia Liner, EEOC senior trial attorney, said, “The environment at EPI was simply intolerable. Women should be able to report to work and do their jobs without being subjected to harassment.”

Read more at EEOC.gov


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EPI Advanced will pay $190,000 to settle EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit
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Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “EPI Advanced will pay $190,000 to settle EEOC sexual harassment lawsuit”

  1. vance vincent says:

    I used too work for epi from 09/06 too 11/06 as an afternoon supervisor.This work place had very poor upper management.I was dismissed for no reason so they could bring back a former employee and make him supervisor.The way this place operated it does not surprise me they were sued.If I had a good enough case I would have tried too sue them also. I hope sid white got what he deserved also.This was your buddy also Sid hahahahaha.

  2. vance vincent says:

    Hi Dean Hi Sid! It looks like you both got what you deserved and plastered all over the internet!How did you explain this to your wives! your friend VANCE HAHAHA

  3. Phillip says:

    I worked there in the early 1990’s. Very poor management!! They were all related to each other or were drinking buddies. Sid White was an absolute lowlife when he was changing out molds–I guess he made it to a supervisory position years later. Like they say; what goes around comes around and good luck finding another position with any autority anywhere because everyone knows what you are Sid…

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